Student development task and lifestyle inventory

Student development task and lifestyle inventory

SDTLI is a short form of “Student development task and lifestyle inventory” and was initially introduced as an assessment tool for college students.

Survival of the fittest is the harsh truth of our education system, and over the years the level of competition and academic pressure has increased multifold.

The need for a useful assessment tool to judge students’ capabilities and knowledge is something which cannot be ignored anymore.

Student development task and lifestyle inventory

Its initial purpose was to provide a procedure which teachers can use with students for the development of mature interpersonal relationships, academic autonomy and development of a life purpose and career goal with healthy lifestyles.

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The need of Assessment system

Assessment and grading system is a crucial aspect of the learning process and the success path of an academic student.

Assignment writing, essay writing, case studies, business report writing, research papers all form an integral part of the college curriculum.

As a student, you are required to take exams, and the grades scored determines your capabilities.

They judge your performance against the learning objective and effects placement, students’ grades and instructional needs.

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How beneficial is “Student development task and lifestyle inventory” for academic students

  1. It has helped students to participate well in academic life and give themselves a structure.
  2. Organise their time.
  3. Make effective study plans.
  4. Become active learners and understand educational needs and resources well.
  5. Choose their area of interest.

Purpose of accessing students

In addition to merely diagnosing and analysing student needs is also improves the education system.

  • It helps students and teachers to form a learning and teaching timetable.
  • Identifies scope of improvement and loopholes.
  • It gives students a clear learning path development need.

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With a proper grading system in place, it is quite essential for a student to score well in his academic career for better job opportunities.

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  • Hectic course curriculum offered by colleges and universities.
  • Shortage of time.
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  • Multiple and overlapping assignments.
  • The imbalance between Social life and academic responsibilities.

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