At home, in the office, on the road, mobile speakers are the ideal solution to listen to your music at any time. The headphones are a great solution for listening to music anywhere, anytime. But they lock up, often cut off from the outside world and remain a lonely way to enjoy his audio library. Nomad speakers on battery conserve this notion of freedom of access to his music at any time and at any place (home, office, outdoors, vacation or picnic …) but prove more user-friendly. Technically, their Bluetooth connectivity makes it the perfect tool to access songs stored on a mobile device. But nothing prevents them from using with any other device with Bluetooth or more simply wired, when an auxiliary input jack is available at least. Here is our selection of the best bluetooth speaker under 100 of the moment.

How to choose best bluetooth speaker?

To choose one of the many products available, some key criteria must be taken into account. Regarding the quality of sound, just know that size matters. In general, the larger the speaker is, the more the sound is rich, powerful, and provided in low (be careful, there may be exceptions, read the tests carefully to make sure). But beyond audio, we must also take into account the design of the enclosure: some are waterproof and / or resistant to shocks or falls and others not. Finally, be attentive to the Bluetooth standard and the proposed functions, some speakers can for example partner to form stereo pairs or even groups of speakers, convenient to put music throughout the house during evenings with friends. But it’s good for you to avoid getting bored to compare all the models of the market that we have concocted this little guide of the best nomad speakers. Here are the models we consider the cream of the crop right now:

  1. Bose Sound Link Revolve +

The Bose Revolve + is very expensive, but that’s the only thing we really have to blame her for being so good. Very powerful and offering high quality unidirectional sound, this speaker impresses with regard to its size. It is also splash proof (IPX4 certification), which can be a little light when you know that some competitors like EU Boom / Mega boom can float and run in the water however. But unlike the latter, the Revolve + has a microphone to serve as a hands-free kit and a convenient auxiliary jack to use audio sources without Bluetooth connection. In addition, its autonomy of 16 hours at reasonable volume is quite satisfactory. In short, if its price does not scare you,

  1. Ultimate Ears (EU) Mega boom 3

More interesting than the Boom 3 because sold slightly more expensive but significantly more powerful, the Mega boom 3 Ultimate Ears is positioned as one of the best nomad speakers on the market. Main rival of the Bose Revolve +, it does not have much to envy to its competitor. Its audio quality is excellent, although the sound may seem a little smothered by default and the promise of 360 ° broadcast is only partially held in our view, while its IPX7 certified design, its dedicated application, its “magic” button or its higher autonomy than that of the Bose are also very interesting. Its main defects: the lack of microphone (hands-free) and, especially, the disappearance of the auxiliary jack. Still, with a much lower price than his rival,

  1. Bose Sound Link Revolve

A little less powerful and offering a little less bass than its big sister, the Bose Revolve is an excellent Bluetooth speaker offering a 360-degree sound of very good quality. It also costs 100 euros less than the Revolve +, which is really a good thing. For the rest, we find the characteristics of the model above: water resistance (IPX4), hands free function and good autonomy of 12 hours, 4 less than his big sister.

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  1. Ultimate Ears (EU) Wonder boom

Ultimate Ears is back with a new tubular Bluetooth speaker that is shorter but more fleshy than the Boom 2. This allows the Wonder boom to produce more powerful bass for improved overall sound quality. The icing on the cake, its launch price is only 100 euros, which makes it one of the best quality / price ratio of the market at its exit. Regarding the other characteristics, it remains on a fully waterproof (IPX7) and shockproof construction, and a suitable autonomy of 10 hours. The only complaints we would have to make him concern the lack of hands free mode and stereo when using two Wonder boom at the same time, but here we are fussy.

  1. JBL Flip 4

The JBL Flip 4 brings a number of improvements over the previous model, such as the complete waterproofing (IPX7) and a better autonomy of 12h. She also enjoys a fairly well defined and powerful for its size, although the bass still lack a little chest. The finish is robust; the speaker enjoys a hands-free mode and supports the personal assistants Siri and Google, all for a reasonable price. A very good choice of wireless speaker.

  1. JBL Clip 3

With its ultra-compact, rounded design and its really handy hook, the Clip 3 is still easy to carry. This small waterproof and shock-resistant Bluetooth speaker will undoubtedly please the adventurers and the sportsmen who will be able to carry it everywhere and to use it even in the most extreme conditions, within the limit of its 6 to 7 hours of autonomy at least. Moreover, the Clip 3 offers a rather good sound for its price and especially its size. There is still a lack of bass compared to some competing products more massive: a sacrifice on the hotel portability. It is nonetheless a very good low-cost travel speaker.

  1. Tribit MaxSound Plus

The Tribit MaxSound Plus is a nice improvement over the Xsound Go. Taking advantage of a robust and waterproof design (IPX7), the new Tribit speaker also offers a very satisfactory sound quality compared to its price, with relatively deep bass and even an auxiliary input to connect devices without bluetooth , a real advantage that tends to get lost in the market lately. Side autonomy, the MaxSound Plus is doing very well also with duration of 20 hours at moderate volume. By cons, the recharge is too long for our taste, still count 4h to give him all his strength. In short, without being at the level of some models more recognized as JBL Flip 4, EU Boom 2, 3 or Wonder boom, the Tribit Max Sound Plus still offers excellent value for money.

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