You might have a number of people talking about the spray foam roofing and is getting a fame. So, when there comes a fame, comes the rumors. The foam roofing is known to be a high-quality product that is offering reliable results since it came into existence. Where the product is performing at its best, there are some misconceptions spread around that needs to be clear before its too late. Whether you choose polyurethane foam roofing in Weatherford TX for residential roofs or commercial roofs, they debunked all the myths spread in the air.

Here you go;

The New Foam Roofing Is Not A Proven Material

On the official grounds, the spray foams were infused in to practice somewhere between 1954 where the history has it from somewhere near 1937. Initially, it was used in the refrigerators and in industrial units where the need for insulation is more. So, the product is approx. 50 years old and since the day it came into existence, the experts are working to make it better with every coming day. So, for those who say its not a proven method, they need to explore a little more. And from the day, the experts realize the need for roof insulation, they have started using this spray foam insulation as a tool.

All SPF Roofing Is Same

Foam insulation is more like cooking a recipe that every contractor has its own. So, you cannot say which SPF roofing will work the best on your roof as not all the materials/products are not same. However, your contractor can help you known what the best SPF is roofing you need. So, invest in hiring the right contractor who has been in the business for years because the experience is what matters when it comes to SPR roofing.

Foam Roofs Are Not To Walk On

Well, that is totally absurd. Roofs can never be such delicate that you cannot walk on. Roofs are more like a shelter to your house so do not expect something that weakens the roof. You can trust the power of foam roofing as it is designed to carry a lot of weight.

It’s An Expensive Way To Secure Roofs

Those who say spray foam roofing is an expensive way to secure the roofs, they might have hired the wrong roofers. The truth is, polyurethane roofing is one of the most reasonably priced insulation materials available in the market. Though the prices of every product are increasing like a fire worldwide, yet the price of foam roofing is still budget friendly. Once you have installed a cost-effective product in your roofs, you refrain from the repairs and everything as it is designed to extend the life of the roof.

They Will Not Last Longer

Nothing can be more false than saying spray foam insulation will not last long. As the material has been in the use for years and the increase in demand shows the reliability of the product. However, those who didn’t have a good experience with such roofing may have hired a non-professional for the job.

Polyurethane Is Toxic

The polyurethane foam spray is just the second name of plastic but it has many tiny trapped gas bubbles in it. the material is specially designed for the roofing applications and optimized for the best combination of thermal resistance and durability. This material is just as safe as the foam pillows on your bed or the seat cushions in your car.

It’s Not Sustainable

When a product is designed for insulation, how can it not be sustainable? Polyurethane foams are energy efficient and also prevents the environmental impacts over the roof. Neither it will tear off, nor it creates gaps in the roof. Summing up the benefits, it is the best thing that has happened to the roofs in years.

Foam May Absorb Water

The spray foam used in the roofing is a closed cell that means the plastic with million of tine closed cells is impenetrable by water. SPF can be a flotation dock but not a sponge that observes the water.

So, you can freely use the spray foam for your roof installation.



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