The success of the Taxi Industry

It all started with UBER. Founded in 2009 as UberCab by Garrett Camp, the online taxi service gains its popularity by making transport more efficient. The online car booking cab uber proved to be successful in the very first year of its birth. It was a simple idea that people should be able to request a ride from their home and fortunately, that works. It transforms the whole taxi industry to global logistics layer that proved to be an ultimate need for everyone in the society.

It all began with an idea. Ideas are important and they do work. All you need is a person who can implement it just the way you think.


Indeed making a successful taxi dispatch system was not less than a great challenge for the developers. Keeping in mind the safer transportation, the developers have to develop certain features to overcome the hurdles of manual taxi system. Implementing the automatic taxi system was first done by the uber by creating a taxi app and with no surprise, it got immediate success. Soon after the launch of uber, the app was found on the almost everyone smartphone. The taxi system not only help the locals to book a taxi without any hurdle but it also helps the vendors and the captains to manage their business in a much better way. The burden of an ignorant taxi driver was finally released with the help of friendly drivers.

It remains a dream of every business owner to quickly expand its network globally. Uber was successful in making this dream successful as soon after its success, the company began to appear in every part of the world.

A closer look at uber taxi app:

  • Uber offered the locals a better product and service
  • The cars were found to be safer and better in uber as compared to a local yellow taxi. The app increases the security of both driver and passenger. With the help of GPS, it made it possible for the family members to track their beloved ones in the journey. Uber transform the whole picture of taxi service from risky too much safer.
  • The rating system in uber makes the driver behave friendly. A friendly environment in a taxi will obviously make your journey more comfortable.
  • It resists too much cash exchange as much of the payment gets done with the electronic system. The card payments systems not only help the drivers to get secured from any unfortunate robbery but also it removes the hassle for the customer to keep cash and change every time.
  • More rides mean more profit. The need for the taxis doubled with the launch of the car booking app as more people started to use taxis than before.
  • The drivers got the autonomy as they no longer have fix working hours. Every driver is at will to drive whenever he wants.
  • The costs of the taxi rides are relatively cheaper than the yellow taxis. Moreover, the fairs can be calculated before the journey as the price per kilometer remains the same.
  • It removes the hassle of parking as with uber, it doesn’t remain your worry anymore.
  • Delivering items from one place to another was never so efficient and cheap. Uber made it possible
  • The feature of the 24/7 technical support greatly helps both end users to remain in contact with the company. This way they can exchange their complaints with the fleet management related to their business and ride.

The online booking app of UBER made the dispatch system user-friendly for the people around the globe. Booking a taxi and traveling to places with family and friends was never that easy before uber step into the market. The launch of uber proved to be a significant step in boosting up the world economy. Although there were many protests in a different part of the world against the online taxis as to many it was done to destroy the business of local taxi owner but gradually things started to became clear. The uber taxi gave the opportunity to the local drivers to boost up their income and make better use of their time.

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