Dawlance has been providing quality home appliances to Pakistani households since 1980’s. Starting from Dawlance Refrigerators, Dawlance has evolved and expanded to the manufacturing of quality Washing Machines, Chest Freezers, Vertical Freezers, Split AC & Microwave Ovens, over the course of 35 trivial years. The company is trying to achieve their mission which is to Promote Reliability In Everything We Do In The Field Of Household Appliances’ 

Dawlance not only keeps providing the Pakistani market with quality products but also invest in keeping the environment at its best and consider the health and safety of their consumers as well. The new environmental policy of Dawlance assures the customers (individual and group) of environmental friendly technology which focuses on limiting the pollution and keeping the electricity consumption as least as possible. Not only that, but Dawlance also focuses on creating awareness about maintaining a sustainable environment by introducing products which are environment and user friendly.

Maintaining Health and Safety in the workplace for employees, community and stakeholders is also a vital objective for Dawlance. Their Health and Safety policy makes sure that they create and sustain a safe work environment by eliminating hazards and reducing risks. Provision of training and resources, and integrating the Health and Safety practices into all aspects of their business helps them implement their health and safety policy.  

Considering the recent climate shift of Pakistan and the horrific summer heat, Dawlance Air Conditioners has introduced a number of variety of Air Conditioners to the Pakistani market. These varieties include appliances that penetrate niche markets in the Air Condition Market of Pakistan. 

These different varieties of Air Conditioners differ in price as well. From the most economical choice for the lower-middle class market to the most effective for elite-class markets including huge corporations and companies as well, Dawlance Air Conditioners provides a reliable product for every kind of customer.

Dawlance has been working not only on bringing quality appliances but also on keeping the environment and their consumers safe and healthy. The Health Zone Inverter Air Conditioner, introduced by Dawlance provides the consumer with features which help maintain a healthy home environment. Features like ‘Chemical Free Mosquito Repellent Technology’ are not only addressing to the problems of most of the homes but is also a solution to our subsiding standards of healthcare and living. Although not very popular, mostly because of affordability by the middle/lower-middle class, Dawlance has invested a lot in bringing the new technology to Pakistan. The product is designed for a normal Pakistani household where mosquitoes are a vital issue for any family. The product is not only beneficial for the consumer’s health, but also, due to its energy efficient and inverter technology, Dawlance Air Conditioners makes sure that they deliver the Pakistani household with icy cold breeze, even in the scorching summers and strenuous electricity crisis in Pakistan.

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As mentioned earlier, Dawlance provides products for corporations and offices as well. The best-selling Dawlance Air Conditioners in the corporate sector is the Floor Standing Air Conditioner. Dawlance Air Conditioners pitch this product as being a better option rather than to buy multiple air conditioners for a large room. Dawlance has made sure that this certain product is extremely efficient and effective for large rooms and lounges as in offices of multinational companies. Dawlance Air Conditioners has made sure that this product is completely suitable for an office environment by adding the super slim structure, self-diagnosis mechanism and quiet operations feature. A lot of recognized organisations and companies like PIA, Telenor, FFC etc. use this product because of the office friendly features and its effective performance overall.


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