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Tips to Associate with Marketplaces

Want to sell products online but do not want the hassle of opening and maintaining a website? Opt for existing e-commerce sites or marketplaces like eBay or TrueGether to sell your products. These multi-vendor digital marketplaces are the best for online marketing and a must try for any seller willing to make his/ her mark in the digital arena. Amazon, eBay, TrueGether are some of the e-commerce sites mostly used these days by online sellers and buyers.

So how to choose the right e-commerce site? What facts you should consider before associating with a marketplace to sell the products? Ask these questions before you choose one.

Is the website visually impressive?

Visually Impressive Website

As per a recent survey, almost 88% of online users do not return to the same shopping site if the experience is negative. Users are generally scared of online scams, hacks and cyber thefts. So shabby looking websites are a big ‘No No’ when opting for an online marketplace. The marketplace need not be chic but should have a calculated and polished look. While it is of ultimate necessity that the website has high quality images, right use of fonts and text hi-lights wherever needed, the site should also be easy to surf and buy. Choose a marketplace which allows you to upload multiple images of the products and enables you to provide product descriptions. The e-commerce site you have chosen should be mobile friendly as well. These days user prefer shopping on the go and hence the popularity of desktops is decreasing. The site should be compatible on smartphones and tablets as well.
You can get both tech savvy and traditional customers, so the website should be user friendly to both these groups.

Keep in mind: The e-commerce site should not be using heavy PHP, Java or Pearl scripts.

Does the marketplace provide logistic support?

Logistic Support

Does the marketplace provide logistic support where your warehouse is located? If not then rethink before choosing the site. It is a real hassle to ship the products everyday from the production site to the storehouse of the e-commerce site. Are you looking to expand your business and get some international customers? Choose an e-commerce marketplace which comes with a global shipping system. This kind of marketplace collects the products from the sellers, prepares, packs and ships these overseas. Also check the statistics and reviews whether the site has been able to provide products on time or not; if products are not delivered on time, how good may be the products, customers will not return to the website for a second buy.
Keep in mind: Choose a marketplace which ships products even to small cities.

Do people know the marketplace?

Popular Marketplace Website

Yes, checking the popularity of the marketplace is a must. Choose an e-commerce site which is visited by people and has a trustworthy position in the online shopping arena. The general marketplaces which sell different types of products have a mass appeal. So it is best to choose one which is involved in selling various kinds of items.

Another important fact to keep in mind is that the shopping site you choose must have social media presence. Users these days spent quite a considerable time on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The marketplace should highlight its products on the social media platforms as this will take the pressure off from your shoulders of product promotion.

Last but not the least; the marketplace you choose must have good ranking on the search engines. Users rarely visit web pages which are not highlighted on the first page of the search engines (google, MSN etc.).

Also, if you are selling through a branded marketplace the credibility of your product automatically increases.

Keep in Mind: Choose a shopping site which adds meta descriptions to the products and has a facility of auto update of the product list.

Is the subscription cost affordable?

Every marketplace charges a fee for using their platform and it varies from one site to another. So choose a site which has a nominal fee structure. Some e-commerce platforms charge for every product listed on the site. If you have multiple products to sell then this kind of package might not be the right one. So choose the package which allows unlimited product listing and charges a lump-sum amount. The e-commerce sites also charge a commission after the products are sold. So take quotes from different marketplaces so that you pay the least amount as commission. Many e-commerce sites even offer a free trail for startups or new sellers. Try out this option to understand digital marketing for free.

Keep in Mind: First time choose an economical package. Start small, understand the market and then try out the premium plans.

Are payment options flexible?
Choose the site which spoils the users with varied payment options. The marketplace you choose must manage the payment on your behalf. While some users do not want to get in the hassle of paying cash, others might be sceptical to enter their card details online. The popular marketplaces these days even permit payment by e-wallets. You also need to understand how secure the website is. Users will never buy from a site where payment and entering personal details seem risky.
Keep in Mind: Choose an e-commerce site which uses reputed 3rd party pay services like PayPal.


So if you do not want to start from the scratch and want to enjoy the benefits of digital marketing then choose the best e-commerce site following the above tips.

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