There have been cases when luggage of travelers have been misplaced from hotel lobbies, buses, train and nowadays, even from flights. To ensure you have your stuff protected, follow these tips to keep luggage safe while traveling.

When traveling, staying vulnerable is the last thing a traveler should do, especially when it is about protecting the luggage. Bus, trains and these days, even flights aren’t safe enough to let go your luggage out of sight. Have you ever given it a thought that while you fly, your luggage passes from hands to hands of unknown security guards, baggage handlers and maybe some more people without you having an idea?

Bringing facts to light, TSA employees have been suspected and caught for running robbery chains and encouraging drug trade. Will you feel safe with your luggage next time you fly? This revelation was not to scare you but to make you a little aware about the world around you. You can still keep your cool and have a stress free flight by staying a little cautious and smart when on board.

Here are some proven tips to keep luggage safe while traveling. Read on!

Keep valuables in one place

There are some things that you can’t lose track of, not even for a brief moment. Keep those valuables in a small bag and remember don’t make it visible to people around. Important stuff like your wallet, ID, jewelry or medications needs to be stored safely. Also make sure you keep it at a place you have quick access to. Obviously, you won’t want to waste any time at the airport checking for your wallet in the bottom of the bag, it will just take off minutes from your life.

Declare what you have

It is found useful to call out the names of stuff while handling over to a security staff at the airport. Say it loud, “Here’s my wallet, watch and my ID”. When you are loud enough for them to listen, chances of anything being misplaced during security check becomes minimal. This is how to keep valuables safe while traveling, a smart move indeed.

Have a couple of things on your person

When on board, ensure keeping your credit card and ID on your person. If you are under any medications, also have your prescriptions close. In the worst case when you have lost every other thing you had; your ID, credit cards and medicines will save your day. You can replace everything else – clothing, stationary and grocery stores are everywhere around. However, if you miss your credit card or ID, you can’t get any of this stuff.

Hide your cash and wallet in your carry bag

As soon as you board the flight, you no more need the wallet and cash as only few airlines accept cash for food or drinks. I would suggest you to hide it deep inside your carry bag that a person only finds It by taking away your whole bag or turn it completely upside down on the floor. All this would definitely get caught by your eyes and you can save your valuables. When you book your cheap flight tickets to India with Indian Eagle, you get such valuable traveling tips to protect your luggage.

Anything very precious to you, wear it

If you are traveling with stuff very precious to you and you just can’t let go of it, better wear it. If its jewelry, wear it round your neck (necklace) or fingers (rings). If its other valuables like cash, credit card or ID, better get them into a money belt or tie around a small pouch to your waist hidden under your clothes. This way you can stay rest assured keeping safe the most valuable items when flying.

Board early to ensure better safety

Try boarding the flight early to find enough space for your luggage in the overhead bin. You will then be saved from leaving the bag at the baggage section. It will also help you keep your stuff closer, eyeing for any unexpected peeking into your luggage.

Place the bag upside down

When you keep your baggage in the overhead bin, place the bag in a way that the pockets and zippers face inward. This is a smart way to make it harder for a thief to open your bag, at least not without you noticing it.

So, the next time when you fly to a place, remember these essential tips to keep luggage safe while traveling. After all, safety is always a better option.

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