Top 11 ways to Optimize Your Web Design for Mobile Users

Everyone design their website according to desktop mode, their main focus is desktop mode they don’t care that their website is mobile friendly or not. But now its time to take care of both the things desktop as well as mobile.

You have to make your website mobile friendly because now 80% of the users have a smartphone and they access the internet from the mobile phone. According to Alexa ranking tool, 80%  of the website optimized for mobile users.


It’s very easy for all the users to use internet with their mobile phone as compared to other big devices like laptop and tablets.

The percentage of user who access our website from mobile is more than the user who access from a desktop. The more revenue and traffic your company will get from mobile. If you can’t believe in this thing then check the analytics you will see that from where you will get a maximum traffic either from mobile or from a desktop.

It doesn’t matter if your website has a large number of traffic or not, or the location of your company. Things matter is that your website is mobile friendly or not, If not then it will decrease your ranking because only those users will access your website who are using a desktop.

So make sure that your website is easily open in mobile phone and the design you made for mobile phone users is attractive as like for desktop users.

  1. Simply your menus

The screen size of the mobile is small from desktop and tablets keep this thing in your mind while designing a mobile-friendly website.

As you know that the menus of the desktop are more and everyone can easily use those menu options without complications, but in mobile you have to design those things according to the small screen.

Everyone wants that heir visitor can do all the things that they do in desktop. They can easily zoom in and zoom out the images scroll the content or access the website in an easy way. You can get everything according to your screen size with a proper design.

If you are not taking care your website for mobile users then your website will open on a mobile phone in a very complicated way no one can understand where to buy and where to get. This thing will be bad for your website and for your company.

So make your website mobile friendly so that everyone can access each and every menu easily and explore your website easily.

  1. Search function

This principle of design is very similar to the previous point about menu options. Many of the websites have more than 30 menu options. Now it’s very complicated to find the thing you need in 30 different menu options. To remove this complication search function is used, you just need to type the thing you want on a search bar.

If you are not using the search bar and you have a large number of different menus on your website then the users who will come to your website will confuse between your menus and kill your conversions and traffic.

Basically, a large number of menus are using in E-commerce website because there is a lot of products are present on those websites. But you have to put that search bar even you don’t have more menus to make your website simple.

Search bar remove the complication from your website and make your website very simple.

  1. Choose the right font

I am continuously talking about the design of the website according to mobile users. Using the right font is also important principle as well.

The font you are using is very clear and easy to understand.

Don’t use that font whose text of one line run into the text of another.

Make your text simpler by using all the capital letters and bold font for all the headlines. Then use regular rules and non-bold font to make your content readable to the users.

  1. Responsiveness

Make your website fully responsive to the mobile user also because as I mentioned above that you can get the maximum number of traffic from the mobile. Responsiveness gives a good impact on the user because due to responsiveness user can easily access all the things present on your website.

Always use the responsive technology frameworks because these frameworks make your website simpler as the way you want and also make it simpler to all the sizes.

Responsiveness give you the similar experience of the website on every platform either you are using a desktop, tablet, iPad or mobile phone you can use the website anywhere with the same user experience.

It gives you a better experience as well but with this, it also consolidates your website so that you don’t need a separate URL for mobile, it’s easy to manage and there are many SEO benefits.


  1. Think about your thumb or index finger

The most important thing you have to keep in mind if you are making your website mobile friendly. If you want that the user who will come to your website and navigate your website with their “phone hand” without using another hand. User can easily pinch out and pinch in with their fingers and browse your website easily.

Also, take care of those users who have a fat finger or whose finger size is bigger than normal finger size.

The average of the index finger for most of the adults is 15-20 mm, which is easily translates to 45-57 pixels. This will help the targets on a screen to be easily choosable and neglect many of the accidental taps from the user.

  1. Simple design

Responsiveness is the other thing, yeah it’s good for you if your website is fully responsive but what you will do if your design is not good, what you will do if the user will not able to access the things present on your website. It’s all depend on the Web Designing Company  to make your website design simpler and easier which can attract the user. A user will easily access the thing what they want without any problem.

  1. Make your content short and informative

Everyone knows that content is king if your content is good and help the user to get their solutions then it’s good for your website. Make your content short and informative so that people scroll quickly and read fastly. If you will save the time of the user and give useful information to the user then the user will definitely come to your website in future and recommend your website to other people too.

  1. Optimized images

Images and videos take a large amount of time to open. Think once if your images will take less time to open then it will be good for the user experience. So you have to make your image optimized according to the mobile users so that the speed of opening an image in mobile will be fast.

  1. Make your form size according to mobile

Forms are also the important part of many websites. You have to decrease the size of the size and fields of the form according to the mobile users. Make your form sweet and simple so that everyone can easily fill it without any problem.

  1. Eliminate pop-ups

Popups on your mobile website will give a bad impact on the user experience. Most of the people don’t like popup things. The problem you face in mobile is it’s very difficult to close popups if you are using a website on mobile.

While closing the popup sometimes a user will click their thumb to the ad and they will be brought to the new landing page and due to this thing, you will lose your user experience.

So it’s best to remove all the popups and find some other attracting way to promote what your popup is advertising.

  1. Avoid large blocks of text

Use only those things which are necessary and reduce the amount of text from the screen to increase your user experience. Make your content as short as possible.

If you are using large blocks of a text then it’s difficult to read because you have to scroll the screen right and left. For example, if your paragraph is 4 lines long in a desktop mode then it will be 5 or 6 lines long on your smartphone.

The points I mentioned above all are important. If you want a website which is full mobile friendly then you don’t have to go anywhere just go through all the points I mentioned above and I guarantee that you will get a best mobile friendly website. Most of the user access website from their smartphones then it’s important that the website you make is open in mobile phone in a proper mobile friendly manner so the user will access all the things easily without facing any problem. Give a best user experience to your user and get more traffic on your website.



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