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Do you play Pubg? Well, who doesn’t! It is the craze of Pubg that since its release Pubg has garnered millions of players. You name it, Pubg has millions of players from different platforms such as PC, Mobile, and Xbox. For those, who don’t know what I am talking about, well, PUBG or Player Unknown BattleRoyale is an online multiplayer video game. In this game 100 players land on a Map and try to survive and kill each other so that they can get four striking Words “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.” The reason for its craze is that while playing the game, you can communicate with your friend. In this article, I am listing three best snipers that you should have in a game.

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“Designated Marksman Rifle”

Pubg introduced QBU sniper rifle as a replacement for mini14 in Sanhok Map in previous Pubg beta 0.9.0. You might be wondering why I am mentioning QBU right after AWM because there are some other better snipers available. Well, for me, the only reason is AWM is available in almost every map, but QBU is available for Sanhok Map only. It is one of the most common that you can find in Sanhok. QBU uses 5.56 mm ammo that you can see in Sanhok Map easily. The best thing I like about this sniper is that it has almost no recoil. Moreover, without an extended mag, you can have ten ammo in one magazine, and with extended mag, you can have 20 ammo at once.

Just like AWM, you can attach several other attachments with QBU such as sight, scope, suppressor, flash hider and compensator. Well, in case of, QBU you can use attachments of Sniper as well as Assault Rifle.

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“Beast Sniper Rifle”

AWM or you can say Accuracy International Arctic Warfare Magnum is a drop exclusive bolt action sniper rifle that can penetrate your opponent’s Level-3 helmet. Yeah! It’s true. If you are playing Pubg with your squad, then by using AWM you can knock down your opponent, and in solo mode, you can directly kill your opponent. All you need is a headshot using AWM.

British Armed Forces designed AWM with old L96 for extensibility and ease of service. You can use — 300 Winchester Magnum in this sniper. Most of the famous pubg players such as a shroud, chocotaco, and Mortal prefer AWM over any other sniper. So, do you want to know why they love this sniper so much? Well, the reason is .300 Winchester Magnum as it has absurd stopping power over a very far range.

Additionally, it takes little time to reload another round. The other reason goes to its damage power. Even if your opponent is wearing Spetsnaz helmet, you can kill him instantly in one shot.

AWM supports every sight and scope, even if you play it on your PC or Mobile. If you want you can attach several attachments with it. Some of the accessories that I prefer-

  • Extended QuickDraw Mag– Usually when you use AWM, you can have five magnums ammo in a single round. However, after attaching extended QuickDraw mag with it, you can have seven ammo in a magazine.
  • Suppressor- If you have sniper suppressor along with AWM then it will be like the cherry on top for you. So, when you shoot at your enemy from further away, he won’t be able to find your location.


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M24 is a bolt action sniper rifle that needs 7.62mm ammo for shooting at your enemy. Initially, Pubg released it as an upgraded version of Kar98 with high damage power. At that time, it was difficult to find this sniper, but since the introduction of AWM, you can find this sniper in some locations. Some of these locations are Georgepool, military base and Novorepnoye. As compared to AWM, its reloading time is quite similar, but if you compare it with Kar98, speed is faster.

Similar to AWM, you can have seven ammo with an extended mag attached to it. You can attach all sights from red-dot to 8x scope with it. You can attach three muzzles with it- Compensator, Flash hider, and Suppressor. In place of a stock, you can attach a cheek pad with it. However, there are not much for bolt-action sniper rifles.

If you want to look at the history of M24 sniper, well, it is military and police version of the Remington Model 700 rifle. After the adoption of this gun in 1988, the United States assigned it’s modal name to M24.


To conclude, I would say that even though you are not a sniper, I would advise you to use these three snipers to eliminate your opponents. The main advantage of using a sniper along with its attachment is that even if your opponent is far away from you. You can kill them instantly after spotting them. I hope these snipers helped in getting a must needed win.


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