Treat Your Acne Sensibly

Treat Your Acne Sensibly

Though a lot of people, especially adults and teenagers, experience this problem all over the globe, it is astonishing that many people do not know the way to get rid of acne. Being the most useful part of the body, no one can ignore the role of skin in human health. It helps one to feel the touch of various types and also make one look better. To avoid the acne or get rid of them there are some common options one can try which are also free from any type of side effects. You can apply homemade facial packs which is a nice way to cure acne because they are made in the homes hassle free. They are safe and natural things to treat your skin.

Here are enumerated some of the facial masks for treating acne

Sodium Bicarbonate

Sodium bicarbonate registers its presence as it is helpful in many ways that can be counted. This wonderful substance also called as baking soda used in treating the problem of acne possesses moderate antiseptic properties. It has the strange capability to scrape off bacteria and fungus and dry up any excess of oil. It effectively exfoliates your skin by microdermabrasion and renders it beautiful and soft. Massage its paste in a circular motion.

Lemon Juice

There are a number of reasons by which it can cure breakouts. It is abundant in vitamin C, so it is suitable for all kinds of skin. It also contains citric acid by which it causes the skin to exfoliate too. Overall, it is noteworthy that it is an astringent. This property of the lemon juice may cause body tissues to contract, and in this way, the blemishes itself dry out. Being a natural whitener of the skin, it minimises redness. You may notice a little white spot if you misplace a dab, don’t worry, it will go away itself. You better to wash off lemon juice if you are going in the sun, most probably it might cause more sensitiveness.


You can soothe a lot of minor maladies with steam; acne can be counted one of them. It assists in minimising acne and its obvious look by notching up the pores and clearing up impurities that lie deep in the skin. You may opt for only steam or can utilize some herb or mask afterward. Using it with some other thing, you have paved the way for getting rid of acne.


It is considered to be a fine natural cure for treating acne. It is thought to possess antibacterial properties. It can be ingested, or you can apply it locally to minimise the sternness of the breakouts and prevent its reoccurrence. Diluting it in water is necessary. Never apply it directly to your skin.


Oatmeal can revitalize you from inside and outside alike. You can soak or cook oats. Utilise them in a mask because they can minimise unattractive redness and inflammation that comes with breakouts. Add honey to it, and you get effective treatment for acne. Oatmeal cannot work on its own. Use it for other acne treatment.

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