Vidmate: The significance of video has been increased in the past few years. The effect of learning with the help of video can be amazing. One can see various events and scenes with the help of different videos that are available on different platforms. There are some sites which are purely created for the videos only, and one can get thousands of videos in one category on such platforms. The smartphone is the most useful device in watching such videos. However, those who want to have the video saved on the device may have to get disappointed as the platforms with such videos don’t allow it.

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However, this does not mean that there is no option left to have the videos on the device as the market has ample video fetching apps that can help one to have the required video easily downloaded on the device. Among the best apps that can be used for such purpose, one may find the name of the vidmate app which is not present on the platform of play store, but it is perfectly compatible for the android phones. The vidmate free download is possible only from its official website, which is known as 9apps. Here one can find a bunch of different apps and links available to download the concerned app. Hence one who wants to have the vidmate app on the device needs to click on the concerned link and wait for the downloading of the same.

Vidmate app:

After clicking the link, one can see the app being downloaded on the device. The time to have the app downloaded on the device varies from device to device as it depends on the speed of the internet and processor of the concerned device. After the app download, it starts the installation process, which may take a few moments. The user needs to check if the device has sufficient space for the app, although the app is small in size, yet it needs some space to function as required. Check out this post, Social Media Strategy 2019.

While installation is in process, one may see a notice of potential hazard which needs to be ignored and carry out the installation. After installation and before starting the app, it seeks permission to access various folders which the user needs to grant.

Vidmate use:

Once all the permissions are provided, the app is ready to carry out the task assigned to it that is fetching a video. For this, the user needs to have the link of the concerned video that he wants to have on the device. He needs to paste the link on the space provided and click on the button download. With the command of the download, it starts fetching the video from the concerned platform and save in a specific folder on the device.

The process is really quick, and once the video is saved, it notifies the user about the same. With the availability of the video, one can easily share it using various apps and messengers to other user or load it to the social media as well as other sites.

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