DIY Aluminum Fence Installation

What To Avoid With DIY Aluminum Fence Installation

Though hiring professionals are the ultimate solution for everything, however, if you are still not satisfied with what the experts do, you are all set for a DIY process. It’s just not that you are not satisfied with what experts do, it’s more like you want to handle the load yourself. You are a DIY freak, and nothing can make you feel comfortable when you already have enough knowledge.

So, when you have decided to opt for the DIY Aluminum fence installation in Nashville TN, there are five things you need to avoid.

Underground Cables

In this modern world, where every cable is underground, you cannot take the risk of cutting any one of the cables resulting in a big trouble. The grounds near you have cables for a different purpose and you cannot evaluate which wire is for what purpose, serving which house. Just imagine, while installing the fence in your house to enhance the beauty of your house, you cut the cable of a neighbor who is already anger for your acts. Cannot bear the circumstances? Probably not. We have a solution to avoid all these.

State offer services to point out the places where the cables are installed under the ground. So, before you jump into the field and start digging, we suggest you call the experts. The will come a few days before and will mark the spots where the cables are installed so that you can avoid cutting them. Saving you from a big trouble.

Digging Holes Randomly

To install the fence, you need to dig holes where it can be fixed. It goes without saying that you cannot dig holes without any calculations. Not does it will affect the sequence of the fence but also you may destroy the ground beneath, resulting in a failed project instead of uplifting the house. First, you need to determine how many sections you need for a fence. Give an equal distribution, try to keep it 3’ to 4’ in length that looks better.

Not Using The Right Tools For Digging Holes

One of the biggest disadvantages of not hiring the professionals is not to use the proper tools. However, if you are familiar with the right tools and equipment required to dig the hole equally, you are all set for DIY installation. However, you have to cater the soil composition as well. If it has lots of stones beneath, it’s better to do it manually.

Location Issues

You have to be very careful when it comes to digging the holes for fence installation. Your concern is to have the fence end near your house without destroying the house foundation. It’s better to try digging holes a few inches away as far as you are not affecting the house.

Dry Set Concrete

The process of aluminum fence replacement in Nashville TN does not here at the end at digging the holes and fixing the fence poles, you need a solution to keep them firm with the holes. Usually, we have two types of the mixture that suit the best. A wet set or dry. A wet set is a pre-mixing concrete poured into the hole which offers instant results with more solid results. Whereas with the dry set is pouring the concrete first, adding water in it and then mixing it, making the process easy but the con of this is that it dries irregularly and is not a solid connection.


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