In the wide range of automatic doors, we find industrial doors whose installation is carried out in large buildings such as warehouses where there is a need for wide access for loading and unloading, among other spaces.

Do you know the types of industrial automatic doorsand their differences? Do you need to place one of these for your company? Below we explain each of the doors together with their functionality and advantages, with which you will be prepared to decide on the right one that meets your needs.


Types of industrial doors

The Industrial Sliding Door consists of one or more sheets that slide laterally towards one or both sides. Like the guillotines, this type of door can leave all the work space free, as long as there is enough space to house the one or the leaves once opened. Said leaves can be hung or supported and be located inside or outside the hole. Advantages: the industrial sliding door adapts to any type of measurements and is specially designed for large hangar-type spaces.

The Industrial Sliding Door is the most used door for the closing of the passages in industrial enclosures. These doors can be manual or automatic, the latter being the most used option. The sliding industrial gate is adaptable to all types of holes and is recommended for large dimensions.

For its part, the Industrial Sectional Door provides different solutions in its standard, semi guillotine and guillotine versions. In addition, thanks to the possibility of adapting to the roof, a high level of aesthetics, functionality and an advantage of the space in width and height is achieved. Another advantage is the achievement of thermal and acoustic insulation and adaptation of the guide to the roof.

If what you are looking for is a door that gives you the best solution for closing large gaps that is the Industrial Guillotine Door. This bases its operation on sheets that rise vertically by the action of the counterweights, staying one after another. This door can be one or several sheets and needs free space above the hole to accommodate these sheets.

To highlight is the fact that all doors of this type have a security system that prevents the sheets from falling in case of cable breakage. Likewise, the industrial guillotine door has the following advantages: functionality due to its easy handling and smoothness, robustness due to its compact structure, possibility of lifting the upper leaf to ventilate the nave, and adaptation to the work lintel based on the number of sheets.

Finally, the 2-leaf Industrial Bascule Gate is the most used in buildings of an industrial nature (ships, factories, etc.). Its operation is based on two sheets that when opened are folded, controlled at all times by counterweights. They can be manufactured with counterweight on one side or both. This type of doors, like all industrial doors, can be manufactured manual or automatic. However, it has a wide range of automatisms.

5 types of industrial automatic doors that offer security, functionality and adaptation for your business.


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