Various Advantages of Breastfeeding

Breastfeed probably is a personal decision to make. Most mothers are not aware of the advantages of breastfeeding. Moreover, many medical experts also suggest going for it in order to give a happy and healthy life for the child. According to the experts, you should go for breastfeeding for a year at with other food, which requires to start at 6 months of age including grains, fruits, proteins, vegetables. You need to start that you and your baby are unique while making the decision of breastfeeding.

Advantages Of Breastfeeding For You and Your Baby –

Some parents are not aware of the benefits of breastfeeding. Here, the prominent ones are being mentioned below. Please check it out.

  • To Accomplish Your Baby’s Nutrition Needs –

Breast milk comes up with a lot of nutrition for infants. Saying would not wrong that it is an incredible amalgamation of protein, fat, and vitamins. And it is quite helpful for you to grow in the right manner. Moreover, it is easily digested for infants. That is why it is also called nectar for the babies.

  • To Make Your Baby’s Body Stronger –

Breast milk is also full of antibodies quite helpful for your baby’s body to fight off bacteria and viruses. Being quite little, your baby needs extra care. His/her body is quite fragile and it is important to have food that can meet his/her nutrition requirement keeping him/her away from getting infected.

  • To Keep Your Baby Safe From Asthma and Allergies –

The list does not get ended up here since breastfeeding also reduces your baby’s risk of having allergies and asthma. Studies also say that babies having breastfed for the first 6 months do have fewer respiratory illnesses, bouts of diarrhea and ear infection. Moreover, they have to make fewer trips to the doctor.

  • To Enhance The Ratio Of Your Baby’s IQ Level –

You may not believe that breastfeeding is also associated to have high IQ scores later in studies. Apart from it, your baby feels secure while he/she has breastfeeding since he/she does have physical closeness, eye-contact, and skin-to-skin touching. It enhances your bond with your baby.

  • To Gain the Right Amount Of Weight –

Baby with breastfeeding also gain the right amount of weight once they start growing. They do not go underweight or overweight. Moreover, studies also say breast-feeding portrays a significant role to keep your baby safe from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. It also reduces the risk of diabetes and obesity.


Why It Is Good For Mothers Too –

A healthy mother should also not avoid breastfeeding her baby. It is quite healthy for a woman’s body too. Here, the prominent benefits have been mentioned below. Let’s check it out –


  • To Reduce Pregnancy Weight Fast and Quickly – Breastfeeding is also good for mothers too. It helps them to get rid of the pregnancy weight fast and quickly. Moreover, that is why doctors also suggest to new mother to go ahead to start breastfeeding.


  • To Bring Your Uterus Return To Its Normal Size – Moreover, it is also good to release the hormone oxytocin quite helpful to help your uterus return to its normal size.


  • To Stay Safe From Breast and Ovarian Cancer etc., –Apart from it, uterine bleeding also is reduced after birth. Studies also say the risk of breast and ovarian cancer also gets reduced after breastfeeding. And the risk of osteoporosis is also reduced. It means you can save from these diseases by having breastfeeding your baby.


  • To Save A Wide Chunk Of Money – Moreover, you can save a wide chunk of money by not buying any measure formula, sterilize nipple or warm bottles. That is why most women are preferring it too.


  • To Have Quality Time With Your Baby –Moreover, you get enough time to relax with your newborn baby.  It also makes you cool and calms spending time with your newborn. To get know more about it, you may also contact the best Ivf center Bangalore.


  • To Experience The Real Motherhood – The first few days after birth, your breasts start making ideal “first milk.” Moreover, it is called colostrum. Mother’s milk generally is thick and hold the yellowish shade. It is unique because of being thick, scant, and having yellowish shade. It meets to baby’s nutritional requirements. It is quite helpful to make a newborn’s digestive track stronger.

Consult With The Doctor –

Do not forget to consult with your doctor. A mother should not go ahead to breastfeed her baby if she is having HIV positive, tuberculosis, chemotherapy for cancer, using illegal drugs including cocaine or marijuana, having medicine for headaches, arthritis, Parkinson’s disease, etc. You should consider with your doctor to know more about it. Apart from it, do not take a decision on your own when it comes about having medicine, etc. Do consult with your doctor first to check how it is going to react on your body and is it safe for your baby.

Conclusion –

In today’s life style, most women do avoid breastfeeding but it is not good. If you are enough healthy and not having any critical medical condition, then you should go for breastfeeding as it is good for mother and baby both at the same time.

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