Website design layout

We now focus on the main novelties that are expected in design and web layout during this year. Its constant evolution will take us to focus on landing pages instead of agglutinate all the content on our main page and opt for a modular design, where it is convenient to park the traditional horizontal menu and the burger menu if we want to be at the last in interfaces. We analyze how it will change everything in terms of design, layout, color and shape, fonts, images, videos and effects in the coming months.

Website design layout


The so-called skeleton design has been imposed and we will find more pages where the content is loaded progressively while the user performs a scroll, also adorning it with dynamic effects that capture the user’s attention just like this website. We will also see, and as we have already said, when we review the trends in Web Development, more Progressive Web Apps (PWA), which are destined to be the most immediate future of the web: they allow local storage so they do not require connection, they are fast in any browser and device and can send push notifications to the user. We will also see more sites based on modular designs, in which the pages are composed by joining completely independent modules, which adapt to the dimensions of the different devices and facilitate the personalization and evolution of the designs, again marked by the Material Design inherited from the mobiles and the homogenization of the visualizations.

From the mobiles also came the hamburger style menus, so extended in 2017 and that they will fall into disuse progressively. Interestingly, it will not be unreasonable to see menus attached to the bottom of the screen. This will seem strange to us at first sight, but it is due to reasons of usability since this location is designed for mobile devices and the usual gesture of using the thumb in this part of the screen on phones.

website forms and colors

Forms and colors

Two clear and sometimes opposing techniques will continue to coexist: Flat Design, a flat design that arises from the need to adapt the responsive design and that also shares many aspects of Material Design, and Skeumorfismo, the design evolutions that maintain details of original objects to make it closer to the user. And they will continue to carry clean and personalized designs, with white backgrounds to highlight the elements we want to highlight, but in which we will also see a greater use of strong and vivid colors, with gradients and biochromatisms. Goodbye to the grays and the monochromatic ranges. Undoubtedly, the veterans of the place will smile when we see again those techniques that combine two colors in the form of a gradient for the backgrounds.


To increase the impact on users, this 2018 we will see typographies of large size and rather thick in the texts. Preferred will continue to be the circular fonts, Sans Serif style, and we will have to closely follow a type that we will see a lot: the Google Noto, created by Google, free and which, thanks to its 110,000 characters, can be displayed correctly in 800 languages. On the opposite side, and how the added value of “handmade” will be maintained, for more personalized designs that seek to convey certain exclusivity, handwritten fonts will gain strength.

Website Icons

Icons, videos, and FX

As for the icons, they are graphic resources that will continue to breathe from Flat Design and inspiration in mobile devices, since not only are they easily interpretable by users, but they weigh little and if they are in vector formats they adapt perfectly to the resolutions of the different devices, in addition to having dynamic and interactive possibilities when we choose the SVG elements that we discussed in Advantages of using SVG in our web development Dubai.

In viewing videos, we will most commonly see the videos as a background because the Web format has filed some of its traditional loading problems. We will also begin to see a greater use of videos and images of all kinds in full screen to capture the user’s attention completely and at a glance. We will also have to get used to seeing in the web pages the so-called cinema graphs, which fuse static image and video in motion in a loop, becoming a new audiovisual resource for many sites.

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