Whatsapp is the ultimate instant messenger. Which means first that it takes precedence over others including Viber, WeChat and Imo but also that it is constantly with us every day.

It’s good to use it. Moreover, if you have already tried, you must have seen for yourself. With time, we become addicted and then very addicted and then, we can not do without.

But to be appreciated by his friends on Whatsapp is a bit like

On Facebook or Instagram: it also happens and especially by your profile picture. You have to make the choice, but you still have to know how to define or change it.

The object of this tutorial is to show you how to define your WhatsApp DP and of course to change it if needed.

The task is relatively simple but it can be difficult for several reasons:

  • You do not control Whatsapp yet
  • You do not control your phone yet 😉
  • You do not know what format of photo you need, …


To change your profile picture, you need:

  • From your phone, of course
  • An internet connection (3G, 4G, wifi, …)
  • From your photo, that too is obvious. Note that you can directly take your profile picture instantly.

Acting out

To start, activate your package or connect to your Wifi and download Whatsapp. Install it in your phone / tablet if it’s not already done.


Open Whatsapp and follow the steps below:

  • Click on the Menu key on your phone or tablet
  • On the new window, click Settings
  • On the new window, Click on your Name
  • On the new window, click on the Small camera drawing (or Click on your photo / Avatar and on the new window click on the little pencil in the top right corner of the window)
  • On the new window:

Click Gallery, if your photo is in your phone or memory card

Click Camera,if you want to take your photo instantly

Click Deletethis photo, if you want to delete your current photo

Note that :

  • Whatsapp only accepts 1: 1 format photos ie the width (in pixels) must be equal to the height so a square photo.
  • Whether you choose to set your photo from Gallery or directly in instant, you always have the option to crop the photo before confirmation.
  • If you delete the current photo without replacing it, your profile will not find Avatar by default.
  • This manipulation is as well for definition as for the change of your photo.
  • The Menu key is the “Options” key that allows you to modify the options of your phone or tablet
  • Trimming a photo is reducing its size (width and / or height). We are also talking about reframing a photo.

The tutorial is coming to an end. If you liked the article and it helped you, why not talk to others. Share it with them …

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