We have to admit that of all the utility bills, electricity bills take away the biggest chunk of our money. No wonder people have switched from electric heating to gas heating systems. Take the instance of a boiler. With a best boiler cover, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on expensive maintenance. There are tons of other power-saving hacks, which will help you decrease your bills immensely.

Read on to find out how.

Minimize the Phantom Loads

If you don’t know already, the ‘phantom load’ means the energy consumed by an electronic device or an appliance when it is not powered on. According to a survey, around 75% of the energy is consumed when they are turned off. Can you imagine that! Remember all the times when you didn’t unplug your phone charger even when the phone was not attached? Or, not unplugging your iron because you moved the thermostat to zero? Well, it was still consuming energy – silently. Therefore, make an effort to unplug the devices when you are not actually using them.

Go for Appliances which are Energy-Efficient

Before making a purchase of a new appliance, make sure you check the energy star label for Environmental Protection. That’s because these appliances consume around 10-50% less energy than their traditional counterparts. They could be a little expensive but they would help you with energy savings. So, invest wisely in these appliances because once you get your hands on them, you can save power for the years to come.

Install a Controllable Thermostat

You need to have programmable thermostats for your appliances. These modern thermostats adjust the home’s temperature automatically according to your schedules. You get to have your preferred temperature and you save as much as 15% on your cooling and heating costs. So, get your hands on programmable thermostats for your appliances.

For Cooling, Use Fans

In summers, get the stationary ceiling fans installed to cool the home. They will help you save a lot on air conditioning systems. If summers are not very hot in your area, fans will do the job for you. And even if they are very hot, they will help you keep the house cooler and lower the use of air conditioning.

Change the Light Bulbs

Do you want to know one of the most effective and least expensive changed to save energy? Replace your light bulbs! The new fluorescent bulbs are not only quite cheap but help you save energy up to 75%. In addition, it’s more durable and lasts 10 times longer than the conventional incandescent bulb.

Seal Any Possible Air Leaks

While ensuring the insulation of your house, also make sure that the tiny gaps and cracks are taken care of. You don’t want air leaking in or out of your house. If you are conscious about sealing any possible air leaks, know that you can save up to 10% of your energy bill annually. When you choose to do it, sealing doors and windows is the first step. If you think that pinpointing the leakages is a daunting task, hire a professional to help you find the problem areas.

Make the Windows of Your House More Efficient

While you have sealed the doors, the glass windows are thin barriers for the outside temperatures. We would suggest installing storm windows if you really want to save up on the energy bills. The storm windows are tough and they will ensure lesser need of cooling or heating. Although this is going to be a little expensive, it’s a one-time investment. It is really worth it. If you don’t afford it, you can use transparent materials on the window panes to improve insulation. Window quilts and insulated shades are also a good idea.

Plant More Shrubs and Trees

Planting more shade trees and shrubs around your house means blocking the sunlight and creating a cooling effect. The plantation will avoid the direct exposure to the sun and you can save on your ever-escalating summer bills. More trees mean more cooling and lesser use of cooling equipment. According to a survey, properly placed trees can cut down on your summer bill by as much as 40 percent. And not just summers, planting trees and shrubs around your house can improve insulation in winters too. Invest in plantation and screen your house from exposure to blazing sun, snow, and freezing winds.

While these things will effectively reduce your energy consumption in both seasons, you still need to have a heating and cooling system. We would suggest getting a gas boiler and heating system. If you live in a place where seasons are intense, make sure you get the gas boiler cover and other insurances.


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