The Internet is a thing of today’s world. This was not the case 20 years later. People earlier were not so much dependent on the internet as they are now. With time, the dependency of people on the internet and technology is only increasing continuously. Internet earlier used to be a need for the people but now it has become the only source of entertainment for some people. While some people love to play music on the internet, some love to download different games to play when they are bored.

Since the time people have started using the internet for entertainment and fun, in the last 4-5 years, video streaming has grown immensely. The Internet these days is very cheap as compared to earlier days and hence people are making the most of this. Streaming video on the internet consumes a lot of data but since the internet is available very cheaply, people never hesitate to stream videos. Websites like Project Free TV has managed to attract a lot of viewers where you can stream millions of videos of your choice free of cost.

Why is video streaming so popular

As discussed above, watching videos online have become a source of entertainment for people. After a whole day of work, when you are tired and hot the bed, all you want is to watch something that is of your choice and relaxes your mind. One of the major video streaming websites was considered to YouTube in the past and it still is but, the content is limited on YouTube and there are some genres like Adult and Horror which YouTube doesn’t allow for its viewers.

YouTube is easily available but banned in some countries like China and due to the limitation on its contents, people have started to look into other options. This is where the other video streaming websites like Project Free TV come to the picture. One of the biggest advantages of these video streaming websites that attracts a lot of people is the fact that they are free of cost. Most of these websites do not charge anything to the viewers and you do not even have to submit your credit card details in order to watch videos.

Apart from the fact that the video streaming websites offer contents free of cost to the users, the user gets to see high-quality videos as well. If your internet connection is good with decent download speed, you can see the high quality of HD videos without being charged a penny. These websites stream videos from all the genres from adult to horror and romantic to many other which gives a user a wide variety of options to watch the videos of their choice.

Why are these websites risky

Where there are many advantages of watching free videos on video streaming websites, its disadvantages cannot be ignored. If you don’t pay the price in form of money to watch these videos, you have to pay the price in some other ways. Below are some of the reasons why these video streaming websites are risky

Not safe

Since these websites do not charge anything to the user, they make money by taking ads from third parties. They are not bothered if the ads that are posted on their websites are legit or not and allow those ads to be published. 90% of those ads contain malware, adware, viruses and other threats so always beware before clicking on such malicious ads

Inappropriate for Children

Since these websites do not put any lock on the adult contents and other contents which are not appropriate for children, it is accessible to children and minors which is not suitable for them so must keep a check on what your child is watching


Since the videos streamed are free of cost and are of the high quality, people watch them one after the other and that makes them addicted to such websites which hampers their personal and professional lives.


The video streaming websites are the best thing that has happened to people since the last few years and websites like Project Free TV have managed to attract millions of viewers. We have listed the reasons why such websites are risky. If you have questions, feel free to comment on the box below.


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