Pichwai paintings are an ancient form of art. The art of Pichwai painting originated 400 years ago. The Pichwai paintings have its origin from Aurangabad and Nathwara in Rajasthan. The art form lost its popularity over the years. Now, it has gained popularity in urban India.

The paintings depict Srinathji who is a form of Krishna. The Pichwai paintings depict the life and the story of Lord Krishna. Pichwai painting has a long history. It is said that the artist told the story of Krishna using Pichwai paintings in the ancient days.

The artist puts the full effort and dedication into the picture. The Pichwai paintings have religious roots and the devotion of the artist is well expressed in Pichwai paintings.

These are the special reasons to buy Pichwai paintings

1)      Gives a divine energy

Pichwai paintings tell the story of Lord Krishna. The details are finely expressed in the Pichwai painting and the intricate details look more realistic. The painting looks so real that it gives a sense of spirituality for those who love art. It fills the place with divine energy and gives a feel of divinity to the people in that place.

2)      It soothes the mind

The Pichwai paintings are done with natural colours and natural brushes. The bright colours used in the painting will bring happiness. The colours are chosen with care to depict the fine details of the picture. The texture of the pain is also chosen with care. The effect of light to depict the summer or winter is done with devotion and care. As one watches and appreciate the fine details, one could feel the peace in the mind.

3)      Pride to own ancient art form

The Pichwai form of art dates back to the 17th century. The exact founder or origin is not known, but the art form has existed and it gaining popularity even in the 21st century. The art lover who appreciates the various forms of art will feel the pride of buying the Pichwai paintings. On buying the Pichwai paintings we are making the tradition stay alive for long. So, we should be proud to own it and tell the history of this wonderful form of painting to future generations.

4)      Bringing a smile on the face of the artist

It is said that the art was taught through guru and shishya tradition in ancient days. Though the present-day paintings may lack the perfection of the Pichwai paintings that was hung on the walls of the temple, the fine details and the usage of natural colours is done with care and dedication.

It is said that the traditional form of Pichwai painting would take a minimum of three months and at the maximum, an artist has to spend a year to create the painting with perfection. So, on buying the painting we are giving the credit for the artist who has put his or her heart and soul into the work.

5)      Adds beauty to dull walls

The colours of the Pichwai paintings are really bright. The gold color is also used to express the fine details in the picture. As the colours are bright and natural it will add beauty to the wall in which it is hung.


6)      Wonderful fabric art

The art is done in the cotton cloth. It is said that even the cloth in which the painting is done is held sacred. It is amazing to see the fine details and colours in the piece of cloth.


It will be amazing to own Pichwai paintings. Pichwai paintings will calm the mind of the person who could appreciate the rich colours and the fine details of the art.

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