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YouTube Ranking Factors – 2018

This is not unknown that YouTube is the second Biggest search engine out there after Google. Yes! That is absolutely true. So for obvious reasons not targetting that huge amount of traffic is a huge loss for anyone who wants potential brand awareness But, it is definitely not easy to stand up between the crowd when approximately 300+ Hours of videos are getting uploaded every MINUTE! Just like as in websites, we need to follow some steps here too to get our video stand up among others.

If you really want to be successful over YouTube and reach out the potential audience, here are some tips and tricks which can skyrocket your video reach (If you do it just Correctly!).

1. Channel Keyword

Starting off with the channel, YouTube Marketing AgencyChannel Keyword can be the game changer only if used correctly. A well optimized YouTube channel grows way faster than the channel with o optimization. It is only Good and helps search engines know more and more about your YouTube channel. Channel Keywords are just one or two keywords that briefly relates to your channel content. This setting can be found at the advanced settings of the Creator Studio on your YouTube dashboard. But once again do keep in mind, it just works only when done correctly, so a lot of research is required to find those golden keywords.

TIP: Make sure the keywords are closely related to your Brand and Niche.

2. Video Title/Description

Sice this is not an article, you do not really know where to put the important keywords exactly, right? As we all know Metadata is a huge ranking factor for YouTube. And this metadata includes your Video Title as well as your video description.Youtube Seo ServicesComing to the video titles, they are to ones to make the first impression to your audience as well as YouTube. So, make sure it is relevant to the content inside. Also, make sure to place the Main Keyword at the Start of the title.


Now coming to the Video Description, it is again one of the most important ranking factors of YouTube. As search engines cannot determine what is inside a video, the Video Description is the only way to get a small verdict of the content inside the video. So use the Description wisely and make it count.

TIP: Try to keep the Video Title Short, cause many devices tend to cut Video Titles according to their screen sizes. Try to keep the Video Description at least 250 words including relevant keywords.

3. Video Tags

Video Tags are where you can add One or Two worded description of your video. Although this is not that important,video tags still count important. You can put all of your relevant and substantial keywords here. Make sure that the tags you use are relevant and connects with the other content over the channel in some way.

4. Other Factors

Except for all the factors which are mentioned above, there are some other factors too which are meant to make some impact on your video. One of it being the Video Rating. The more video is rated the more it shows the user engagement. And more user engagement finally turns out to be good. FYI, A video with a dislike actually over ranks the video without any Votes. Other than that, the quality of the video also plays a good role when it comes to ranking.



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